10 Must Do Preparations for Ball Night


Ball night is drawing near. You’ve got your perfect dress hanging in the closet; your hair and make-up appointments booked.

With these essential tasks sorted, you’ll need some final touches to keep you looking glam.

I?ll show you how to keep you looking your best, way past the after-party.


1. Hollywood Tape Works Miracles
This will be your saviour if your dress us backless/strapless/has a plunging neckline. Its double-sided stickiness keeps all your stubborn dress parts in place. The whole night.


2. Stilettos Elongate – So Wear the Highest Heel You Can Manage
You know how awesome everyone looks in sky-high heels? That?s because stiletto heels help to elongate your curves, making your body proportions look ten times better.
Try wearing the highest heel you can handle, and see how they make you look/feel.
Luckily, lots of shoes at the moment have platforms – so the heel isn?t actually as high as it appears. I would say definitely give a pair of these a go.

3. Put Shoe Pads into Those Stilettos
How many times have you had the “my feet are killing me” conversation with someone at the best party of the year? It seems like the prettiest shoes are always the most uncomfortable for consecutive hours of wear. Battle shoe pain by inserting shoe pads (like Scholl Party Feet) into your shoes. While these won?t keep the pain away forever, they do help quite a bit – offering some comfort, while keeping the foot from sliding forward in the shoe (perfect for sandals and other open-toed shoes).


4. A Quick Fix for That Slippery Sole: Sand Paper
Those fabulous shoes discussed above may have slippery soles. If this is the case, it may help to use a little sand paper on the base – creating a grip, and allowing you to dance the night away.

5. Cut Off Tights for Super-Tight Dresses
Body-clinging dresses are super sexy but can sometimes pose a problem when it comes to choosing the right undergarments. In some cases, even the skimpiest of underwear won?t do. Instead of tossing that silk charmeuse gown back in the closet, you can cut off the legs of some sheer nylon tights, and voila, the thinnest pair of boy shorts ever are at your disposal.

6. Borrow Dad?s Fishing Line
A needle and clear nylon thread are a must to have in your clutch. If a zipper busts or a strap breaks, you always have something to repair your outfit on the night. This is also a great way to fix broken jewellery. A few clear stitches can hold a broken chain or wrist clasp together: worry about getting it to the jeweller later.


7. Red Heads: Save that Cranberry Juice for Your Hair
To really punch up the tones of your red hair for ball night, use cranberry juice as a hair treatment. The colour of the juice stains the hair and makes the colour super rich. Apply, leave in for about 20 minutes, rinse off, and style. If your hair isn?t red, you can still treat yourself to some cranberry juice – it has great antioxidants.

8. No Mess Eyeshadow
Ever get excess eyeshadow falling on your cheeks while you apply it way above? When you?re in a hurry, this seems to happen the most. Keep some Scotch tape handy, and tap it on the skin to pick up anything that falls. To keep eyeshadow away from cheeks in the first place, I would recommend applying it before foundation. That way there?s no mess and no fuss – nothing will fall on that perfectly bronzed cheek.
9. Blush All Night Long
Maintain that glow on your cheeks the entire night – way beyond the first couple of party snaps. Apply a cheek stain as a first layer on your cheeks, then brush a powder blush over the top. It?s more intense, providing more staying power for longer wear.


10. Even Out the Lid
Sweep a shimmery, nude powder eyeshadow from lashline to brow bone with an
eyeshadow brush. This evens out your eyelid, creating the perfect base for a smokey eye, or more colourful shadow.

So there you have it: everything you need to look fabulous all night long at your ball, or any other big event.

What do you do to prepare for a big night out? Share your beauty and fashion tips in the comments section below!

-Lena Aseeva

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